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Packing up to hit the road for an unforgettable adventure? Make sure it’s memorable for all the right reasons by ensuring a safe and fun drive no matter the destination.

You can do this with the help of some important road trip tips that we will discuss in this post.

Great Tips to Maintain Road Trip Safety

These tips are useful to follow whether you’re going away for a few hours (from Bangalore to Vellore, for instance) or embarking on a multi-day road trip:

Tip #1Wear your seatbelt.

This is common advice, and for a reason: buckling up can save lives. In fact, wearing a seat belt reduces the risk of injury or death by fifty percent in the event of an accident.

Keep everyone safe by following this number one road safety tip, whether you have chosen a car hire from Chennai to Pondicherry or are driving yourself. Don’t start the engine until all the passengers are buckled in tight!

Tip #2Inspect your car or have it serviced.

Check whether your car will be able to take the wear and tear of your journey before you begin. Make a quick inspection yourself or take it to your local garage for a once-over by one of their mechanics. Make sure everything is accounted for, including tire pressure, fluid, tread and oil levels, wiper blades, etc. Get the oil changed or the fluids filled if necessary.

If the tires need fixing or replacing, do it, and if anything feels like it could go wrong at any point during the journey, have it taken care of beforehand.

Tip #3Know when to take a break.

Getting some rest is vital, especially if you’re the one driving. That’s because your ability to react quickly is affected the more tired you get, making it difficult to make sound decisions and even keeping your car in a straight lane.

Aside from sleep deprivation, certain medication or monotony can make you drowsy as well. Whether you have booked a Chennai to Pondicherry car rental for 2 days or for more, take some rest from time to time, regardless of the length of the trip. If you find it harder to concentrate on the road, see if you can do any of these –

  • If possible, stop and sleep for a bit
  • Switch positions with someone more energetic
  • Stop and exit your car so that you can stretch your legs a bit
  • Roll down your window
  • Keep yourself alert by talking with others in the vehicle

Tip #4Stay updated on directions.

You don’t want to get lost in an unfamiliar place or a potentially dangerous situation! So, make sure you always know where you’re headed. You can do this with the help of GPS – keep it handy in case you need to bring back-up directions.

You can also print the required directions so that you’re covered in case your phone battery gets over or the network stops working. It can also prove helpful on the off chance that the driver of your drop taxi Bangalore to Trichy is unsure of the directions for any reason.

Tip #5Watch out for irresponsible drivers.

You can protect the people in your vehicle by reporting reckless driving. It is also important to stay alert and stick to the outermost lane so that you don’t have to worry about both sides of traffic. Besides, if a vehicle drifts from one of the other lanes, you have the option of pulling off the road to protect your car – in most cases at least.

Tip #6Ensure sufficient supplies.

Embarking on a trip in a car rental from Bangalore to Mysore? See that you don’t run out of fuel for your vehicle or your passengers, wherever you go. Stock up on provisions, drinks and fuel, and make stops to replenish them accordingly. As for food, keep a combination of varying tastes and nutrition levels to maintain a balanced diet.

Tip #7Keep a spare tire handy and learn how to change it.

It is always better to be prepared in case you end up with a flat tire, because roadside assistance may not always be available. For this, equip yourself with the know-how on changing tires and keep good quality equipment as well as a spare tire in the trunk. You’ll feel more confident changing a tire on the road if you practice changing it a few times in the driveway first.

Tip #8Pack adequate tools

Again, it is better to have the right tools handy in case you may need them in an emergency. For instance, your vehicle may break down or one of the passengers might require medical attention on the way to the destination. In such situations, having a car emergency kit can make a huge difference, giving you plenty of items you can utilize in a pinch.

Tip #9Invest in a car security system.

A car security system may be considered unnecessary by many vehicle owners, but this extra bit of protection can prevent a difficult situation related to vehicle theft. A 2-way car alarm, for instance, alerts owners when their vehicle is being tampered with and ensures its safety while parked anywhere overnight.

Tip #10Keep everyone occupied and entertained.

Bored passengers aren’t just miserable themselves, they annoy and distract the driver as well – and that can be dangerous. Drivers need to give the road their undivided attention, which means the passengers, especially if they include children, should remain entertained throughout the road trip.

You can have them play car games or go the modern route with smartphone apps, games and movies. Playing music also helps.

Tip #11Be aware of the changing weather conditions

As you move to a different location on the map, keep an eye on the weather so you can be prepared for it. These days, you can download weather-related apps on your smartphone that will alert you of any changes. However, if you don’t have cell service or a smartphone altogether, switch to the local radio station or a popular news frequency for breaking news and weather updates.

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