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Situated on the banks of the Palar River, Vellore is an old city that has witnessed the rule of several major dynasties in Southern India. The Cholas, Pallavas, Carnatic Empire, Vijayanagar Empire and even the British have ruled the Vellore district and have taken charge of the social and cultural fabric of the city. The city is just like any other regal Indian city with several picnic spots, lovely natural and cultural attractions and many spots that are popular with vacationers.

Vellore is a prosperous city and is also a major medical and educational hub. The city is known for its brand of medical tourism where thousands of residents of India and people from abroad come for medical treatments every year at Vellore and also experience the myriad flavors of the city. Vellore is meticulously planned and comes with landmarks like the VIT University and Christian Medical College among others. Vellore has a rich legacy of its own. Steer clear of all your troubles with easy and hassle-free Vellore taxi service facilities. You can go anywhere in the city by opting to book a taxi in Vellore and can enjoy comfortable and smooth rides without any hassles. You can easily book cabs in Vellore for regular commuting from one part of the city to another. Cab service in Vellore is now literally at your fingertips courtesy several handy smartphone applications.

Taxi service in Vellore is quite affordable too and you can definitely get the best solutions at your chosen price point. When it comes to taxi booking in Vellore, there are tons of options available for you to choose from. Cab booking in Vellore is basically a simple process where you get the best value for your money when it comes to exploring this many-layered city and all its attractions. You can opt for Vellore cabs at reasonable prices and go around the city without having to worry about finding the right transportation or slugging it out in congested public transport facilities. Quick getaways from Vellore would be Kanchipuram and Yelagiri. You can hire a Vellore taxi at www.isquaretaxi.in to visit these popular getaways covered in a day trip.

Head out on a road trip with Drop Call Taxi Outstation Cabs from Vellore

We are travelers and wanderers at heart and no city is too big or too far. This is why our intercity services cover 51 cities and over 1500+ destinations. Book outstation cabs in Vellore, sit back, relax and let our expert Chauffeurs take you on the most comfortable road trip of your life. We have a variety of options in case you are looking for an outstation taxi from Vellore including, hatchbacks, sedans, premium sedans, Innova, and even tempo traveler. Select an outstation cab from Vellore without any advance payment or cancellation charges. Explore our attractive intercity packages and discounts that are tailor-made for our customers’ most popular itineraries.

What will your customers pay as Taxi Fare in Vellore

Through our professional network and services, we make sure that the travel will be light in your pocket and delightful inexperience. In addition to offering the most pocket easy Vellore taxi fare, we also make sure that trained and well-mannered drivers are there to take care of your comfort and safety. The easiest way to book a Vellore call taxi is through the Drop Call Taxi online call taxi booking portal, making possible for travelers and visitors to call a taxi in Vellore conveniently. Below is a breakup of the taxi fare in Vellore.

Full-Day Cabs & Half Day Cabs in Vellore

Full day cabs: Need a Vellore taxi booking just for a throughout the day but don’t want to book multiple cabs? If your itinerary includes taking the first flight or train into the city and the last transport out, we also offer an extended package in Vellore. You can keep the cab and head back to the airport or railway station in time for your flight or train.

Half-day cabs: Have some things to get done around the city in a short period of time? If you have an event to attend in an unknown part of town, or just need a cab on standby for a few hours, try our half day cabs in Vellore. You can book a package in Vellore with ease and retain the cab for the entire duration.

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