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Tamil Nadu is in the southern part of India and counted among the best tourist places in the country. The state is popular for its colourful cities, rich culture, centuries-old heritage and natural beauty. If you are someone who loves historic temples, long coast beaches, and unique festivals, then this southern jewel is the perfect destination for you.

The Covid-19 pandemic hit us all last year and many industries, especially tourism, suffered. Aviation and cab services in Chennai halted to a great degree in the crisis last year. But since the situation is somewhat handled and people are taking health precautions, things are getting back in shape. Now, it’s possible to visit your favourite places in Tamil Nadu. However, you cannot just book your plane ticket and start visiting the places you love and admire. You have to follow guidelines issued by the Government of Tamil Nadu and the Government of India.

Latest Guidelines by Tamil Nadu

According to the latest Guidelines (March 26, 2021), anyone can visit beautiful cities and remote areas in Tamil Nadu if they follow the rules properly. Every domestic and International passenger landing in any Airports has to pass through thermal screening. If you are found Covid-19 positive, you have to schedule a Covid-19 test on your own expenses. Having Arogya Setu App installed on your phone is also compulsory for all travellers.

Guidelines for Domestic Tourists

Here are the major highlights of the rules and regulations set by the government during the pandemic –

  • All travellers must go through thermal screening, and if you are visiting from states like Maharashtra or Kerala, the Covid-19 testing will be available on the site.
  •  In case you have Covid symptoms but found negative, the chief medical officer will decide what to do. If found positive, you will be sent straight to the hospital for proper isolation.
  • Suspected candidates have to stay quarantined until the medical report come out. They further have to quarantine   themselves for 7 additional days.
  • If you are travelling the state for business purposes and your stay is less than three days, you don’t have to self-  quarantine. This is applicable if you show your return ticket.

If you are planning to arrive via Coimbatore International Airport, you need an ePass and a negative RT-PCR report. Remember, ePass must be issued within 72 hours at the time of departure. In case you don’t have an RT-PCR report in hand, you can get a free test on the site, but they will release you only when the results are out. The tourists from Kerala and Karnataka, however, are excluded from this rule.

Guidelines for Foreign Tourists

Tourists (including infants) coming from or via the Middle East, Europe, South Africa, or Brazil have to go through the test on arrival at their own expense. The passengers from the UK who are travelling to Tamil Nadu have to go through RT-PCR then proceed to self-quarantine for 14 days.

An RT-PCR test is mandatory for the passengers arriving via Vande Bharat flights on arrival. Based on your Covid test, the officials will either take you to the hospital (if positive or with symptoms) or sent you for a 14-day quarantine (if negative but with symptoms).

The passengers can get a free pass from some regulations only if they met certain conditions such as family death. But you have to submit your request to 72hours prior.

Some Parting Tips on Safe Travel

Now that you know the major rules and regulations, it’s time for some tips that can help you stay safe from infection during your journey.

  • Get yourself tested as soon as possible for fewer obstacles during the journey.
  • Isolate yourself prior to the journey for two weeks.
  • Get your supply of masks and hand sanitisers.
  • Taxi hire in Chennai is the best option if you are planning to travel locally. Choose a reliable travel agency that takes safety measures seriously.
  • Wear a mask all the time and keep a pocket-friendly hand sanitiser with you all the time.

Whether you are travelling solo or with a family, avoid human contact as much as possible. If you don’t have a personal vehicle, you can try a cab service. They will take you to all the major locations within the states while keeping you safe from infections.

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