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Human Beings have an inherent quality to crave for new things and adventures. Our brief tours and journeys take us to a variety of places where we get to see a completely different culture and people. Most of us are adapted to travel in groups, but there is a very small amount of people who prefer travelling alone. Those who enjoy travelling alone know how fulfilling and exciting a solo experience is.

The best thing about travelling alone is that your journey is completely yours to cherish. Some might argue that sharing life experiences with friends and family is more exciting. However, it is also important to do things on your own with no interferences – times when you make your own choice to shape your adventure.

Reasons to Travel Solo

Solo travelling may seem challenging and overwhelming to many people, but it has its own benefits. If you haven’t tried solo travelling yet, you must try at least once because that’s the only way you can truly explore your favourite destinations. If travelling alone scares you off that much, you can always start small. Consider a place that is fun and easy to reach.

If you are still not so sure about travelling alone, then let us change your mind with our top reasons for travelling solo.

#1 – Personal Growth

We have to admit that nothing good comes out of isolating ourselves. We are wired to explore new things and when we keep ourselves indoors, our personal growth virtually stops at zero. Therefore, be ready to go out, explore unknown regions, and the best way to do it is by travelling solo.

During your journey, you will rely on your skills and you will know how to tackle real-life situations. Once you do that, you will be filled with total excitement and confidence. Nowadays, travelling alone is not that hard as it used to be as we have mobile phones to get any kind of information. There are easy modes of transportation facilities as well such as drop taxi, and car rentals, buses, and more.

#2 – Your Journey your Pace

The main issue with travelling in a group is that you have fewer options in terms of making individual choices. Your group may or may not agree with your suggestions on the trip, and it can leave you with some sort of dissatisfaction in your heart. However, this is not the case with solo journeys because you are the hero of your journey. You can plan out your own route the way you want.

Suppose you are travelling with a group in South India and you wish to visit the outskirts of Trichy. Your group might not agree with your wishes as it hinders their overall plan. But the situation is completely different if you are travelling alone. You can change the plans and the course of the journey as per your desire. If you wish to see the outskirts, you can hire a drop taxi from Bangalore to Trichyat your convenience. There are many benefits of travelling in a taxi with other fellow travellers which you will find out in later points.

#3 – Choice of Travel is yours

Not everyone is the same and everyone has their preferences and this could be an issue with travelling in a group or someone. Furthermore, there is a financial factor as well, which can cause discomfort in a group. One person can spend a lot while others could not, and this can cause a rift among the travellers.

If you are alone, you can avoid all of this tension, you can rest or travel when you wish to. You set your course on a bus, cab, or a rented bike. The choice is yours and no one is going to question or object to your decisions.

#4 – New Place New Bonds

Once you are out there, you will realize you are not alone, there are more solo travellers just like you. People travel alone with just one goal in mind – travel and explore to their heart content. There are high chances you of your meeting few people with similar thinking on the way. You can share a destination together as long as the interests of both individuals are on the same page.

Booking a cab from a travel agency is always the best option to meet some like-minded people. Let’s say you’re visiting Pondicherry, you can easily go online and book a Chennai to Pondicherry car rental for 2 days. As you are travelling alone, most likely you will travel with some other tourists. That’s your clue to make some new friends.

Travelling alone is fantastic in many ways and it can give you the experience of your lifetime. However, you have to keep a few things in mind before travelling. First, pack everything essential for the journey ahead. Second, as you are travelling alone, you have to be self-aware. You will have all the freedom you need but do not misuse it. Keep yourself and your things safe.

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