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Best Call Taxi for Outstation

Travelling outstation by outstation cabs can be tiresome. When you book outstation cabs, it is always a gamble between cost and comfort. Cleanliness of the outstation cabs is a cause for worry. The driver's ability and attitude is always a point of concern. Safety during travel creates anxiety. The booking process is usually worrisome and leaves you doubtful at best.

Why are we the best call taxi for outstation?

We at Dropcall Taxi make it our priority to put your mind at ease. We provide the cheapest outstation cabs with the best in class comfort. Cleanliness and drivers who are experienced, polite, and pleasant is our guarantee. Our cars will arrive at your doorstep perfectly clean devoid of any odours and dirt. We have a no-smoking policy in all our cars, so you can rest assured, that the car you get is not smelling like a ashtray. As for our drivers, we ensure that they are chosen only after their background is scrutinised thoroughly. We also ensure our drivers are sufficiently rested between trips, well groomed and well mannered. That is how we have been constantly rated the best call taxi for outstation travel needs. Testimonials from our customers in the past speak fondly of their experience with us.

How do we manage to be the best call taxi for outstation?

Being the best call taxi for outstation travel is not an easy task with the vast competition around us. However with stringent quality control mechanisms through client feedback and monitoring driving behaviour, we continue to be the best cab service around. With state of the art driver behaviour monitoring systems built into our cars, in addition to GPS and other tracking systems, we are able to keep our drivers in line with our philosophy and standards. Safety is also key. We have built one push emergency button installed in the car, conveniently close to the passenger, in addition to displaying driver information in the car. Pressing the emergency button will alert the company and law enforcement officials with your location, enabling swift response. Complaints and negative feedback against drivers are taking very seriously and necessary disciplinary actions are taken swiftly.

Intituitive Booking

Our booking process is simple, intuitive and transparent. We have the best in class website and mobile apps for our customers to book on the go.

When you choose us for your outstation travel, whatever your need maybe, be it a one way taxi, or a round trip, we assure you it will be your best experience with a taxi company. Reach out to us and let us help make your outstation trips memorable.

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