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Outstation Cabs

The need for outstation cabs is growing and more and more people are choosing the comfort of being driven to their destination, rather than driving themselves.

Why outstation cabs?

By choosing an outstation cab, you get:

  • The comfort of travelling by car without the stress that comes with driving
  • You can choose your stops
  • Inbuilt Audio and Video entertainment systems
  • Use the time to work on something to make it more productive
  • Enjoy the comfort of a luxury car
  • Enjoy the comfort of a chauffeur driven car
  • Easy and intuitive booking process
  • Value for money
  • What makes outstation cabs so comfortable?

    Booking is easy

    Outstation cabs are easy to book. The booking process for outstation cabs is very intuitive and easy. "Anyone can book" is our philosophy behind the design of our booking systems both on the website and the mobile apps.

    On Time Every Time.

    We pride on the fact that we are on time every time. The designated driver will be at your doorstep a few minutes before the scheduled pick up. We know that being on time is important to our customers and we ensure that road work, traffic delays, etc do not hamper our promise to you - our customer.

    Clean and Comfortable.

    Our outstation cabs are super clean and come with comfortable seats. We understand our customers value cleanliness and good appearances and hece we ensure cleanliness on the inside and the outside of the car. When you enter one of our cars, you will be greeted to the pleasant smell of car perfume and supre clean interiors. We maintain a no smoking policy in all our cars and hence, you will never get a car that's smelling like an ash tray.

    Smart Chauffeurs

    All our drivers are chosen after stringent background checks to ensure safety for all our customers. The drivers are trained to be polite and well mannered. They speak both English and the local language. They are monitored and their performance evaluated on a regular basis.

    Onboard entertainment

    All our outstation cabs come with music systems and video entertainment systems built in. Our selection of music vast and covers all languages and genres of music. We have video content for all age groups and languages. Onboard wifi is offered free to you, as long as you are in the car. A selection of magazines, newspapers and books are available too on request.

    So pick up your phone and give us a call or log on to our website and begin your experience with us. You will have an experience like none other and that's our promise.

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